Hi there, welcome to 613FIT!

I’m Ruslan Kedik.

I’m a father of two young boys, a husband and a just your typical dude.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 16 years now, I got my start working for Goodlife for the first five years of my coaching career (2005-2010). From then on I had transitioned to working on my own as I wanted to expand my coaching services. I graduated and earned my designation as a Registered Nutritionists and opened up my first private/boutique personal training studio ‘Fat Loss Solutions Inc’. While working at GL most of my clients came to see me for weight loss but I had also worked with folks that had other goals that they were aspiring to achieve.

FLS had become Ottawa’s top weight loss studio within a year of me running and I became knows as the go to trainer for weight loss with the highest track record in town.

Being in demand as a weight loss coach, in 2012 I decided to open a women’s only transformation program called transformationfitcams.com and this is when I first started coaching big groups.

That is when I realized that I can help a lot more people succeed and I became addicted!

In 2017 both FLS and TFC were closed as I along with my wife and two kids embarked on a year long journey across Europe! We sold our house, most of our furniture with it, our car, packed whatever we had left into a storage unit and took off.

During that year I was thinking of what I wanted to do next.

Fast-forward to 2018, we get back to Ottawa and within a month I opened up 613FIT!

613FIT is a cumulation of well over a decade of coaching experience, working with clients one on one, group coaching, life coaching, nutrition therapy and more.

I strive to create the type of space for our members where we can empower them and help them become their absolute best through support and guidance!

I like to think that I have a special bond with my clients!

How I became good at working with people that wanted to lose weight was due to my own personal struggles with weight and food issues. I understood my clients at a mental and emotional levels. I don’t expect anything from them that I don’t expect from myself. Early on I knew that the solutions to these issues resided much deeper than just the typical dietary interventions and exercise strategies.

It was my personal experience with weight loss (lost 75lbs) and battling other health issues that taught me more about this process than my schooling or any book on the subject that I have read.

Back then I was a young, single (wasn’t married yet) care free coach.

Today as a father of two, business owner and many other things, I’m faced with new health challenges, another bout of weight loss which is teaching me new lessons.

Losing weight and getting my health back on track in my late 30’s is very different than it was a decade ago. The energy, the time and resources are not there.

I can relate to my clients and my approach is very different than it was when I first entered the industry at 22 years of age.

I’m also not passionate about fitness. I believe life is too short for such things. I’m passionate about life and I’m most passionate about seeing people overcome challenges (like their weight issues) which hold them back and as a result they become more empowered and purpose driven. Fitness just happens to be a great vehicle that helps us achieve this, but the focus is always on my clients and NOT the program.